Case Study

Stamford Hospital-Bennett Cancer Center

The Carl and Dorothy Bennett Cancer Center is a peaceful and optimistic setting for state-of-the-art treatment protocols, including chemotherapy. In every aspect this building is designed for cancer patients and their families: in the character of the finishes, the color of window glass, the clear circulation pattern and the center garden.

The 17000, square foot facility is organized around two-story glass interior garden, fountain, and seating area. All of the key patient areas relate to the garden. Upstairs the long-term infusion suites and educational/counseling room overlook the garden. Downstairs the outpatient and pediatric waiting area, cancer information library, reading room, and gowned waiting, are adjacent.

The exterior of the building draws its masonry color and roof silhouette from the original buildings on the campus. A curvilinear glass wall forms the east side of the building offering morning light and preserving a 50 year old flowering cherry tree that frames the front door.

The Bennett Center received design award for architecture and public space.