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Geddis Architects is an industry leader in the Educational, Community Health and Senior Living sectors. Each project is intentionally designed and planned to the context of that sector, and no two are ever alike. Our unique, On-Call Service Program adds value by streamlining on-going maintenance needs.

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Senior Living Services

Geddis Architects is a pioneer and innovative design leader within the Senior Living sector and has revolutionized the way in which Senior Living is approached. Frequently referred to as “Architects of Empathy,” they have a keen understanding of the end user- or what Geddis Architects refer to as the “third client.” Through their own method of research, Geddis Architects have become established masters at seeing through the eyes of the third client. In 1978, Barbara, in collaboration with a client, introduced the first semi-private suite with a full height partition window for each bed – an empathetic design feature that has changed the culture in all destinations for seniors.

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Education Services

Experts at working with layers of local decision makers, Geddis Architects design and build innovative, aesthetically beautiful, educational spaces that incorporate the shared community vision, encourage learning and foster pride in the community at large. Implicit in each of their designs is a fundamental conviction that classroom design affects a student’s ability to learn and a teacher’s ability to teach.

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Community Services

Geddis Architects’ Community Health facilities provide more than just primary medical care; they are a vital addition to the civic infrastructure. Our innovative facilities are designed as family health centers offering one stop primary care, family care, mental health and dentistry.

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On-Call Services

Geddis Architects’ On-Call Service Program offers one stop accountability and expertly navigates inherent bureaucracy challenges when it comes to maintenance support. Issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Contract agreements are practical and flexible and can accommodate municipalities or non-profits that may not have large capital project funding, but nevertheless have myriad, ongoing capital needs.

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