Senior Living Services

Geddis Architects is an industry leader in the Senior Living sector, including the wide range of home bases for seniors from independent cottages to affordable apartments, assisted living to long term care as well as palliative and hospice care.

Our client’s end users and their families are seeking high quality yet affordable, appealing and upbeat places to live and thrive. The mission-driven goal of assuring individual expression/freedom/privacy/dignity within care-focused, essentially “created” communities is achieved through close concentration on deducing the future expectations of prospective clients.

Geddis Architects refers to this future user, who is not present at the design conferences, as the “Third Entity,” who is neither the operator nor the funding source. This proven method of inferring their discriminating viewpoint reveals critical information for design and planning: what are the micro details that really make a difference; what are the macro factors that lead a client and their family to choose this residential option. This outlook produces fresh thinking in a field of dramatic change where many operators will not survive.

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