Geddis Architects 25th Anniversary 1991 – 2016

February 7, 2017

In September 2016, we marked the anniversary of our twenty-fifth year. On December 9th, we celebrated this milestone at our annual holiday party. In 25 years, we have served over three hundred clients, most in the non-profit and public sectors and built over $850 million in new construction and renovation. We are proud to have received over forty design citations. But most of all, we are confident that our work has made a huge difference in the daily lives of our clients. From the outset, we have been unswerving in our pursuit of quality in the built environment, ingenuity in our use of materials, and our fervent belief that environments change lives. We know that architecture has an exceptionally powerful social responsibility. With that understood, we thank our past clients for their loyalty, collaboration and friendship. We welcome our new clients to a joyous and invigorating process with our studio.


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