Case Study

Metropolitan Jewish Health System-Menorah Long Term Care

Metropolitan Jewish Health System has reconstructed and reclad the earliest 1977 building on campus. The building now serves 100 long term care beds in four houses: two 20 bed “house” and two 30 bed “ houses”. The shape of the existing floor plate lends itself to these distinct room clusters while maintaining the efficiency of core services.

There are seventy two private rooms (72 percent) and fourteen two bedroom suites. The sizes in net usable square feet range from 160 square feet to 243 square feet. Each bedroom has a private toilet and sink which adds an additional 42 square feet. The large majority of private rooms will offer additional flexibility as long-term care profiles evolve in the future.

The central philosophy is to offer a highly flexible and superior series of private and community spaces for the residents, manageable as smaller sub-units as well as benefiting from the efficiency of the larger number of beds.