Case Study

Metropolitan Jewish Health System-Menorah Hospice

Menorah Hospice is located on an oceanfront campus for a residential healthcare facility located at 1516 Oriental Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY. This 16 bed hospice is the first pediatric hospice in New York City. The purpose is to provide a home like setting for end of life care for the residents, as well as for their family members. The hospice inpatient residence is located on the fourth floor of an existing building that has been vacated, reconstructed and re-clad.

It has its own on-grade access, playground, entrance vestibule and lobby. Though the balance of the campus provides central services, it is independent in both its entrance as well as its own dedicated vertical circulation.

The central philosophy of this new residence is to offer superior private settings for the patients, as well as a range of space and support services for their families. To support this goal, 16 private suites, each with accommodations for family / guests to remain overnight, have been designed.

The project has been featured at a national conference and won a national design award.