Case Study

Roxbury Senior Housing-Bernhardt Meadows Senior Residence

Opened in 2002 in a wooded rural meadow in historic Roxbury, Connecticut, six three unit large “houses” were built for seniors. The houses are one story with two bedrooms and a garage. Roxbury Senior Housing, Inc. and Elderly Housing Management, Inc. collaborated in the creation of 19 Bernhardt Meadow Lane. The capacity is 36 residents.

Off Southbury Road, the Bernhardt family donated a beautiful cleared meadow for the first affordable senior housing for the town’s residents. Financed through HUD via an innovative application of Farmers Home funds, the detached residences each include three separate units, each with two bedrooms, each with its own pedestrian access from both the front door and the meadow and each with its own garage.

The plan also includes a community building and the landscaped meadow. The concept was to organize the six “houses” and the community building, road and access around the open space as a small village.