Case Study

Frances Schervier Home & Hospital-Additions & Alterations of Long Term Care

This distinguished fifty-five year old institution is located on 7 acres on the Hudson River in Riverdale, New York. Its 364 skilled nursing beds are serving a clinically complex and frail population. Nearly half of the residents also have some issues with Alzheimers.

This renovation and reconstruction is a careful, phased long range plan to transform FSHH in several fundamental ways: to eliminate all of the 3 and 4 bedded rooms; to add strong elements of unit identity for 37 and 35 beds by adding requisite support, dining, lounge and family spaces.

The solution inserts new north and south appendages to the existing U-shaped tower, then demolishes the least adaptable wing of the existing. It also creates a new garden and entry court at grade, as well as positioning therapeutic spaces on grade at the Hudson River side.

The work has received a design award.